Posted on 01/07/2013

Purchase an Award Winning 2 in 1 Bed Rails from NRS

Purchase an Award Winning 2 in 1 Bed Rails from NRS

At NRS we feel that our range caters to everybody and, more importantly than that, we feel it provides everybody with great quality. That statement isn’t just marketing spin, it’s a fact proven by years of positive feedback from our customers that’s helped us reach the top of the disability aids industry.

Receiving positive feedback about your products is always great and it’s equally great to tell our visitors about products that have received recognition from the industry such as our award winning 2 in 1 bed rails.

Use our 2 in 1 Bed Rails on both Divan and Slatted Beds

A stand-out in our extensive range of bedroom aids, our 2 in 1 bed rails provide great support for getting in and out of both divan AND slatted beds. The rail has been designed to give a durable and solid support for all bed users, while its versatility for both bed types, as mentioned above, is due to a fantastic reversible plastic base. With this level of convenience and variety on offer, as well as a base that’s been developed to be slimmer and stronger, you can really see why the 2 in 1 bed rail has won awards.

Not only does the strong base provide a solid rigid handle, it means it can support users of up to 25 stone. This, in part, is due to the slimmer base which measures at just 15mm to ensure the pressure and impact of the product on the mattress is minimised. NRS have always been known for providing cutting edge products and this innovatively shaped base allows users to perform lifting actions easily, safely and comfortably.

Our 2 in 1 Bed Rails have just been Reduced in Price!

If you would like to purchase our award winning 2 in 1 bed rail which has just been reduced to £56.39, simply head over to the product on our website and add it to your basket. Alternatively, you can talk to our team about any of our disability aids by calling 0845 421 3921.

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