Posted on 13/09/2013

Practical Falls Prevention Methods with Equipment from NRS Healthcare

Practical Falls Prevention Methods with Equipment from NRS Healthcare

Unfortunately as we age and our balance starts to become more unsteady, the risk of falls is significantly increased and a fall for someone that is elderly can mean something entirely different than a fall for someone with youth on their side. There are some things we can do to ensure falls prevention, such as exercise and balance therapy but sometimes we need that little extra support that comes in the form of aids and equipment from NRS Healthcare.

Reduce the Risk of a Fall with Falls Prevention Aids

If you care for someone who is elderly or infirm you will know all too well the catastrophic affect a fall can have on that person’s quality of life. Not only can a fall cause serious injury especially in those with delayed reaction times who cannot quickly shield vulnerable areas such as their head as they fall but it can have a huge impact of their quality of life and can even render some housebound by destroying their confidence whilst venturing out.  With simple preventative measures in place we can reduce the risk of a fall for a particular person. Falls prevention equipment can include alarms that sound when a person is attempting to get out of a chair, if you work in the caring profession this will succeed in making your job of caring for that person much easier. On the other hand we also have aids that are designed to help someone who is unsteady maintain a level of independence. Falls detectors and button alarms are a great piece of equipment for those living alone. If a fall does occur a fall detector will sound the alarm.

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Other falls prevention measures are walkers and rollators or even in their most simplest form, walking sticks. These provide fantastic support and stability. Just be sure to keep an eye on the ferrules and replace them regularly as worn ferrules can increase the risk of a fall. If you are interested in any of our falls prevention equipment or any of our other daily living aids then you can place your order online or give us a call on 0845 591 4638.

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