Posted on 21/08/2013

The Portable Bidet and Other Innovative Disability Aids for on the Go

The Portable Bidet and Other Innovative Disability Aids for on the Go

Hygiene never stops being important and should be addressed regularly and when necessary. That is why we would like to draw your attention to our portable bidet the Palm TP-100 Travel Bidet. We believe that when certain needs require extra steps to be taken to maintain an acceptable level of good hygiene that we can develop and provide the correct equipment for the task.

Mobility Aids Not Only Useful Round the House

As we get older or when suffering from a disability simple tasks that are taken for granted by the more able bodied of us start to become increasingly difficult. In our homes we are able to include equipment and make alterations that can help us with day to day tasks but on the go it can prove a little more difficult, that is why here at NRS Healthcare, not only do our development team design products that help us in the home but we also offer a range of products designed to be taken with us. A portable bidet is just one of the many pieces of equipment designed to help outside the home but we also offer many more mobile devices. Although it is required by law for business premises of a certain size that provides ‘goods or services’ to have a reasonable level of disabled access, having you own portable wheelchair ramp ensures you never find yourself unable to access certain areas that might not be obliged to have wheelchair access. A portable wheelchair ramp is useful to take with you to the shops, on holiday or if you are visiting someone’s home that might not require disabled access.

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Being elderly or suffering from a disability should not be a reason to automatically become housebound. With a little innovative thinking our product development team have been designing equipment that aims to make getting out and about easier and achievable for many who would otherwise be resigned to their homes. Browse our website for more information or you can give us a call on 0845 287 1403.

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