Posted on 18/05/2016

Polish clubbers in their LATE SEVENTIES party until 5am!

Polish clubbers in their LATE SEVENTIES party until 5am!

If your grandparents had traveled from Poland to London for a visit, you might expect them to drop by the London Eye. Big Ben or take a trip on an open top sightseeing bus. But these elderly Polish clubbers from Warsaw, decided on something a little more colourful - an all-night rave in Farringdon at Fabric nightclub.

After reading a review on the club in a Polish newspaper, the couple decided to buy tickets to  the underground house and techno party WetYourSelf, which runs every Sunday, and arrived at 10pm when the club opened.

Promoter and DJ Jacob Hansen (real name Jacob Husley), 35, who has run the night for 10 years, posted the above photo on his Facebook early Monday morning. After finding someone who could speak Polish, he discovered that the elderly couple regularly enjoyed the clubbing scene in their home town and wanted to see what London had to offer.

Getting the VIP treatment

The pensioners had planned to get the Tube back to Watford at 6am, but Mr Hansen promised them a free bar for the rest of the night and a taxi home whenever they wished to leave, before taking them upstairs to the VIP area.

However, it wasn't long before they were back downstairs joining the rest of the party-goers raving to techno! As the lady was on crutches, her husband made his way to the centre of the dancefloor and managed to get in a few dances with the younger ravers whilst his wife partied on the edge of the dancefloor.

Old man raver
Stealing a dance with fellow clubber Abbie Leek (Photo: The Standard)

Reportedly enjoying a couple of tequila shots, the couple found Mr Hansen at around 5am and called in their favour to get a taxi home.

We're thrilled their story has been told and hope it will go some way to help change the stereotypical view of older people in society!

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