Posted on 19/12/2012

Pioneering Spinal Surgery Saves 5 Year Old’s Life

Pioneering Spinal Surgery Saves 5 Year Old’s Life

Rosie's life with spinal segmental digenesis

Five year old Rosie Davies was born with a rare condition called spinal segmental digenesis, which left her with five of her vertebra missing in her lower spine, leaving a gap of 10cm. This meant that her upper body was not supported; creating a growing pressure on her internal organs that would eventually be fatal.

Her parents were informed that her condition was most likely to be fatal, and that it was only a matter of time before it could reach this stage. So when they were offered a chance for Rosie to have pioneering surgery for her spine, they jumped at the chance.

How did the surgery work?

In a 13 hour operation, surgeons took the bones from Rosie’s lower legs, which she had never been able to move, and used these to replace the missing spinal bones. These were then supported by an ingenious system of metal rods and bolts, which would allow for her natural growth. It was only the second time in the world that this operation has been attempted, and the surgeons were delighted with the outcome.

Since the operation, young Rosie has shown a remarkable recovery and has even regained some sensation in her legs, which could mean that she may be able to walk with prosthetics as she grows older and stronger.

Like most children fighting with disability, Rosie is extremely brave and often undaunted by her problems as she gets on with life as best she can. As her mother says: “You give her the equipment to use and she‘ll do it”. At Nottingham Rehab Supplies, we never cease to be amazed at the courage and resilience of young people with disabilities, and we are proud to supply a wide range of paediatric equipment to give them all the support they need to live their lives to the fullest.

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