Posted on 11/01/2013

Over Half of All Dementia Cases Go Undetected

Over Half of All Dementia Cases Go Undetected

More than Half of Dementia Goes Undetected

According to a recent report from the Alzheimer’s Society  over half of all cases of dementia go undetected and undiagnosed in the UK, depriving elderly patients of much needed treatment, benefits and support.

Dementia includes a range of degenerative mental conditions, with Alzheimer’s disease present in around two thirds of dementia patients. Although there are not ‘cures’ for these conditions, there is a great deal of support that can be given to help patients to live a normal life. However, to benefit from this support, an initial diagnosis of dementia is required, and although detection rates were up from 43% to 46% in the last year, this still leaves 54% - or over 400,000 people – without the diagnosis they need.

What makes the statistics even worse is that detection rates vary widely across the UK. In Scotland or Northern Ireland, two out of every three cases are detected, whereas in the south west of England and Wales, this drops to around one in three, leaving over 60% of cases untreated and unsupported.

Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, said that the current situation was “disgraceful” and “disappointing”, adding that the regional variations were “unacceptable” causing “unnecessary suffering” for patients who are already struggling with this life changing condition. However, he added that many of the problems with diagnosis lay beyond the Health Service, as people still had issues facing up to dementia and did not seek help for fear of having their condition confirmed.

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