Posted on 21/10/2013

Over 2,500 Disability Products to choose from

Over 2,500 Disability Products to choose from

Browse our website today for the best disability products currently on the market. Here at NRS Healthcare we have been over 60 years experience in caring and providing the most innovative and forward thinking aids for daily living. With the help of Occupational Therapists and our in house design team we are able to come up with products that are capable of providing endless support and enhance the life of the users.

Putting People First

If you can think of any form of equipment or tools that can help with day to day tasks for the elderly or disabled then the chances are we have it in stock. Our motto is to put people first and that is exactly what we have done when designing disability products that enhance comfort, safety and restore independence. Ranging from simple designs right through to large high tech items, all are designed with our customers and carers needs in mind.

One such product range is our range of disabled chairs. We understand that those with limited mobility may be resigned to a chair for the majority of the day and so the chair they use must provide maximum comfort and safety. In addition, we also provide a wide range of seating aids such as lifting seats & raisers, over chair tables, foot & leg rests as well as a range of chair alarms with multiple functions.

Order Disability Products Online

If you are interested in any of our disability products or daily living aids for the elderly then you can browse our website for our full range. We stock over 2,500 products and you can easily place your order online. We are also happy to offer a product advisory service by email for our products to advise on product suitability and any technical information you might need. You can also reach us o the phone by calling 0845 869 4358.

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