Posted on 18/05/2020

Our top products to help you relax indoors and improve your mental health

Our top products to help you relax indoors and improve your mental health

Looking after our mental health is incredibly important, not only to help us stay focussed on the things that matter most but also to help us relax and keep a clear frame of mind.

Over the past few months, many people have found their mental health has been impacted by the COVID-19 lockdown, as social distancing has prevented them from seeing their loved ones or even enjoying the freedom being outdoors provides. Although certain lockdown restrictions around time spent outdoors have now been eased, most of us are still spending a lot of time at home and those who are shielding will continue to do so for the next few weeks ahead.

In support of mental health awareness week, we are sharing some products that can help people to relax and stay occupied whilst spending more time indoors, whether they are at home or in a care setting.

Enjoy your favourite hobby or start a new one

Picking up an old hobby is a great way to relax and the familiarity it brings can have a soothing effect on a person’s frame of mind. Alternatively, starting a new hobby is ideal for giving the mind a fresh challenge, and sewing, drawing or reading are all great activities which can be enjoyed indoors.

If someone has difficulty seeing clearly, they may benefit from a magnifier, such as the free-standing Folding A4 Magnifier and Stand, which is perfect for increasing text size. Making sure someone has the right lighting indoors can also help to reduce eye strain when enjoying activities at home. The High Vision Floor Standing Lamp is suitable for use by those with reduced vision and features an adjustable arm, enabling the person using it to adjust the direction of the light.

Keeping a regular hobby is a great way to stay busy. Plus, it creates new things to talk about with friends and loved ones, to share thoughts and stay motivated.

Find ways to relax at home

Finding ways to relax at home is incredibly important for everyone’s mental health, but will differ for each individual. Many people enjoy relaxing in front of the television, but if they are uncomfortable in their chair or find it difficult to stand up this may affect their ability to relax fully. NRS Healthcare offer a range of rise and recliners that can help people to stay supported and independent at home. Other products, such as the TV10 Big Button Remote Control can also help people to relax in their living room, with big button features that can be used with some TVs to make changing the channel easier for anyone living with reduced vision.

Stay active and unwind in the evening

Starting the day off right and unwinding at night are especially important in helping to manage daily routines at home. Gentle yoga or stretching exercises can help a person to stay mindful, relax and gradually improve their balance and flexibility. Exercise aids, such as the Rehaband set, can also be used as part of a daily routine to help develop strength. Staying physically healthy is an important part of looking after our mental health, but it is vital for anyone who is older or living with a health condition to consult their doctor before beginning any kind of exercise routine.

Winding down at night can be difficult, especially for those who it a hard to relax or fall asleep. The Nature Sound Pyramid is a sensory product that plays soothing sounds, such as a running brook and birds singing, and has a colour-changing effect to help to aid relaxation in adults and children and reduce restlessness.

There are many ways to stay occupied and look after our mental health during these difficult times and many products that can support someone when enjoying activities indoors. To view NRS Healthcare’s full range of daily living aids, browse our website to find out more.

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