Posted on 01/06/2020

Our top daily living aids to make picnics a breeze

Our top daily living aids to make picnics a breeze

Now that many people can spend unlimited time outdoors, going for a picnic in local parks and beauty spots has become increasingly popular as we enjoy the warm weather and get outside.

At NRS Healthcare we provide a range of products that can help people to stay supported, whilst also protecting themselves against bacteria and viruses when enjoying the outdoors and settling down for a bite to eat in the sunshine. For those who are still shielding or staying at home, a picnic can be just as enjoyable in your own garden.

Kitchen aids to make picnics a pleasure

Traditional cutlery and crockery can sometimes be uncomfortable to use for those living with limited mobility or grip in their hands and wrists. Everyone wants to relax and enjoy themselves when spending time outdoors, so having the right cutlery, cups and plates can help to make a picnic much more comfortable.

The Kura Care Cutlery Set includes a knife, fork and spoon which are designed with curved profile handles and finger indents to make the whole set more comfortable to hold and control. Good grips cutlery, such as the Good Grips Fork, is designed with large, textured rubber handles that have better grip and can be bent to different shapes to best suit someone’s preferred position.

A high sided plate, such as the Manoy Sloped Plate, can make it easier to scoop up food, especially if someone is limited to eating with one hand. This plate also has a wide rim for improved grip when holding it and a sloped surface to ensure the food naturally falls to the high side.

Whilst the weather is warm, it’s even more important to stay hydrated. NRS Healthcare provides many drinking aids, including the Kennedy Cup, which enables someone to drink through a straw when lying back or sitting up, helping help more people to stay hydrated whilst they’re away from home and enjoying a picnic.

Keep up hand hygiene and social distancing measures

Despite those who are healthy, and not at an extremely high risk to COVID-19, now being able to spend unlimited time outdoors, social distancing and hygiene measures must still be followed, particularly when consuming and handling food. Whilst hand washing is always preferred, hand sanitiser gel is an effective alternative and small bottles can be easily carried for use whenever needed. This alcohol based sanitiser can kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses and includes aloe vera so it's kinder on the hands.

If someone is going into busier or indoor public areas they may wish to wear a face mask or a pair of disposable gloves for additional protection. Gloves and masks can both be effective when used and removed correctly; this means the user must avoid touching their face and phone, and also maintain hygiene practices such as washing their hands.

The perfect daily living aids for a picnic

For those who find it hard to walk longer distances, and would benefit from a walking aid, a rollator is worth considering. Rollators, including the 2 In 1 Rollator & Transit Chair, offer a supportive frame with wheels that can usually be manoeuvred on smooth terrains indoors and outdoors, enabling more people to keep their independence when walking. Four wheeled rollators usually feature a padded seat and basket that are handy to perch on and store items for a picnic.

A trolley, or bag on wheels, is a helpful solution for transporting picnic items that are heavy or uncomfortable to carry. The Liberator Shopping Trolley includes four wheels for stability and its insulated bag can be used to transport food to the park whilst keeping it cool and reducing the need to carry heavy baskets. This trolley also features a handy seat to sit on if someone needs a quick break during the walk or a place to sit for a short time during the picnic.

Whether you're interested in kitchen aids, hygiene products or mobility equipment, NRS Healthcare have a whole range of daily living aids to help more people to stay safe and comfortable whilst out and about.

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