Posted on 07/05/2013

Our Overbed Tables Make Meal Times more Manageable

Our Overbed Tables Make Meal Times more Manageable

For many elderly and disabled people the bedroom is their main living quarters. Often, if someone is severely ill or unable to move around the home with ease, then the best solution is for them to stay in bed, rest up and be as comfortable as possible.

Obviously, there are certain issues and challenges that come with having to live almost exclusively in bed and while many of them are medical, there are always practical things to consider. Often, when somebody’s ill and living in one room, that space can get clogged up with all the things that person needs to make their day as comfortable as possible. If you think about it, that person often requires a house worth's of things to hand whenever they or their carer needs them.

Practical Overbed Tables

A great solution we offer at NRS is our overbed tables which are both practical and functional. These disability aids are the easiest and most ideal way for people to eat as they provide a clear space over their bed for their meal to rest on. They certainly make meal times much easier to manage for both patients and carers while offering a shrewd place to store magazines, drinks, and laptops – anything the patient wants to hand throughout the day.

At NRS we supply a great range of overbed tables to choose from with models and variations to suit every need. Offering a great value for money solution, our basic overbed table model is fitted with wheels for easy use, whilst they offer a simple and effective design allowing for the height to be adjusted and the table to be tilted to 45 degrees. With this clever feature it means books, jigsaws and other items are shown to the user on an angle, making them easier to see.

See our Full Range of Overbed Tables

With many more options to choose from in our extensive overbed tables range we urge you to browse through our website to find the most suitable option for yours or a patient’s needs. And don't forget, you can also see images and product descriptions for all of our disabled products via the website too.

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