Posted on 06/04/2016

Older people left belittled and laughed at on Twitter


It may be true that Twitter is seen as a young person's social media platform - but that doesn't mean it should be used to hammer down on older people and encourage outdated stereotypes.

Nowadays, the world's population is living longer than ever before - meaning people are taking better care of themselves and are able to continue living life to the full for much longer. We should be celebrating our extended years, not finding ways to belittle and laugh at those who are growing older!

But that hasn't stopped popular American TV Show, @midnight, from launching their latest hashtag #elderlymovies - encouraging Twitter users to change the title of a popular film to better reflect attributes of those who are older. On the surface it seems innocent enough...until you see their example tweet:

Old age negative 16

A joke in poor taste

From the style of illustration, it's clear this hashtag was set up to invoke humour, but what the @midnight team have failed to consider is how their 513,000 followers, and countless other Twitter users, may see this as an opportunity to berate those who are older in age, inadvertently (perhaps) causing them to view the elderly, and the difficulties they can face, as a joke.

Many of the tweets have focussed on the conditions which can be more common in older people, but with a sharp and, sometimes, downright insulting edge to them:

Old age negative 9

Old age negative 8

Old age negative 13

Old age negative tweet

Others have taken a more stereotypical approach:

Old age negative 12

Old age negative 14

Old age negative tweet 2

There are, of course, some which address the inevitable outcome of all human life - but these have been written in a very cold, unemotional way for the purposes of dark comedy:

Old age negative 5

Old age negative 7

Old age negative 10

And then there are those examples which remind us of the harsh, negative realities which can haunt us when growing old:

Old age negative  4

Old age negative 11

Old age negative 15

Hope left for a few

Despite the majority of tweets casting a shadow over the aging process, we did find a couple of people whose conscience seemed to prick, encouraging them to stand up for those who are growing older and share a more modern image of what seniors are likely to grow into as our society ages further:

Old age positive tweet

Old age positive tweet 2

Us? Well we couldn't go quietly into the night without showing our support for our aging population. So, here are our suggestions for great #elderlymovies. If you have any comments on this story, please feel free to leave them below.

Positive Old Age Movies

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