Posted on 28/05/2013

NRS Stock Market Leading Walking Aids for Disabled Users

NRS Stock Market Leading Walking Aids for Disabled Users

NRS equipment and products are focused on keeping people independent for as long as possible whether that be bathing, getting out of bed, walking or even using a plug socket. Our entire list of stock has been created, developed and tested to provide users with ease of use, functionality and safety at all times.

A range of NRS products that offers superb quality is our walking aids for disabled users. Often used by the elderly who, understandably, can be quite unsteady on their feet, NRS walking frames provide all the necessary support, stability and comfort needed to keep users steady. Our range is extensive and features models and variations to suit all kinds of different needs and users.

NRS Walking Aids for Disabled Users Reduce Pressure on Hands and Feet

All walking aids provide ideal support but few offer the range of great benefits that are provided by the Care Walker, which has been designed specifically to reduce pressure on hands whilst adding support when the user is walking.

Well built with quality materials, the Care Walker features padded arm rests which can be adjusted and hand grips which provide added support and reduced pressure on the lower body. These great features mean users can use the product with confidence both with and without the help of a carer.

If you’re looking for more basic walking aids for disabled users, the Wide Base Walking Frame is ideal. Adjustable height, a wide base structure for stability and profiled hand grips ensure all the safety and comfort users need when they’re walking throughout the home and indoor areas.

Know more about NRS Walking Aids for Disabled Users

For more information about our disability walking aids, don’t forget to browse through the Ways and Means catalogue or the main NRS website where you can see images of all products as well as detailed descriptions. To get in touch with a member of our helpful team, please call 08453228071.

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