Posted on 27/07/2015

NRS has helped Mum stay safe at home

NRS has helped Mum stay safe at home

Since having a fall, Mum has had to change the way she does many ordinary tasks to help her remain independent and safe at home. Mum had fallen at night, getting up to go to the toilet – we think she may have tripped over the toilet mat.

While she was in hospital, her Occupational Therapist advised us to look at the NRS Healthcare Ways & Means catalogue. She gave us ideas of items which would really help Mum stay safe at home and also provided advice for other small changes around the house which would make things easier.

The bedroom

We started by fitting a 2-in-1 Bed Rail, which helps Mum pull herself up to sitting and supports her when getting in and out of bed. We also removed the rug from the side of the bed to prevent her tripping over it. Finally, we fitted a remote control switch on the bedside lamp which is operated by a motion detector near the bed, so when Mum gets up, the light turns on automatically.

The toilet

We removed the toilet mat, which we think Mum may have tripped over, and fitted a Nuvo toilet frame to support Mum when using the toilet. We also fitted a grab rail over the radiator, so she doesn’t get burnt, as we realised she was holding on to it for stability when going in to the toilet.

The bathroom

Since her fall, Mum has struggled to stand for any length of time, so she now has a perching stool to sit on whilst washing and cleaning her teeth. We also bought a foldable shower stool, so she can sit down to have a wash, and fitted a grab rail in the shower to support her getting in and out.

The kitchen

We bought another perching stool for the kitchen to help Mum when she is carrying out tasks at the sink, and a Home Helper Trolley, so she can carry items from the kitchen to other rooms in the bungalow more easily, whether it’s food and drink or cleaning items and washing. It also gives Mum a bit of support inside the house without her using a walking frame.

Additionally, we found several small items in the Ways & Means Catalogue to help with lots of different things, including cooking and chopping, lifting pans, removing lids and non-slip mats and boards to keep food in place when preparing food.

The living room

Mum already has a rise & recline chair, as her and Dad had recognised that they may struggle later on and bought new chairs when their old furniture needed replacing. We added a remote control plug to the standard lamp and the television so she doesn’t need to bend to switch the sockets on and off. Mum also has a combi-reacher to help her pick things up from the floor, or high shelves.

Feeling secure

We bought a Photophone Big Button Telephone and pre-programmed all of our telephone numbers so we can be contacted quickly in an emergency. We also fitted a keysafe so there is always a key available in an emergency and if we ever do need to dial 999 the keysafe code can be given to the attending crew.

Out and about

A four wheel Rollator with a basket provides Mum with support when out and about and even has a seat if she needs to stop for a rest. It is light enough for Dad to lift out of the front door, and some grab rails have been fitted to support Mum getting in and out. The Rollator folds up easily too so we can pop it in the boot when we take Mum out in the car.

NRS Healthcare products are second to none

The items purchased from NRS Healthcare Ways & Means catalogue have helped Mum to grow in confidence, regain her independence and we know that if Mum, or Dad, require further help in the future there are lots more products available to help them stay safe at home.

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