Posted on 19/04/2013

NRS Provide Superior Back Comfort and Car Transfer Aids

NRS Provide Superior Back Comfort and Car Transfer Aids

As one of the UK’s primary disability equipment suppliers, NRS know exactly the type of products that benefit our customers and we've been meeting those needs for over 50 years. Through this experience, we’ve strived to make sure that every product we sell meets only the highest of standards for the benefits of our customers.

We understand that getting around the home can sometimes be difficult, whilst travelling outdoors is often even harder. If you’ve already had a look through our website then you’ll no doubt have read about the many benefits our disability aids offer and the big difference they make to people’s lives. With a large selection of car transfer aids we’ve got everything you could need for making life easier for yourself or the person you care for.

Make Travel Easier with our Car Transfer Aids

We have a selection of swivel chairs designed to make entering and exiting the car much easier. The TurnEasy Swivel Cushion, which is one of our most popular products, is also ideal for use on beds or when sitting at the table. It offers both comfort and robustness, a superb combination for all users.

NRS Back Comfort Improves Posture

For back comfort whilst driving, we stock the Me Design Backfriend, a two piece seat to provide support behind the wheel. A great feature of this back comfort product is its ability to improve the posture of the driver which, in turn, provides increased comfort. Furthermore, this versatile support can also be used in other locations including the home and office, making for an all round flexible product.

To find out more information about the excellent selection of car transfer aids and disability products at NRS, contact us by calling 0845 287 1403 today.

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