Posted on 06/06/2013

NRS Bath Aids for the Elderly make Bathing Easier

NRS Bath Aids for the Elderly make Bathing Easier

As an experienced supplier to the health care industry, at NRS we know that many people who use our disability equipment may also struggle when it comes to bathing. To most people, bathing is an easy and straightforward part of everyday but, if you’re not of an able body, you’ll probably appreciate more the strength and balance needed to get in and out of a bath or shower.

Choose from Smart and Durable Bath Aids for the Elderly

Understanding the troubles and frustrations that many disabled and elderly people go through when it comes to bathing, we’ve worked hard to bring to together an excellent range of bath aids for the elderly that help make bathing and showering easier. Our products and equipment are smart, durable and functional and provide much needed assistance to make the whole experience of bathing less of a struggle.

Providing much needed assistance for entering and exiting the bath, our selection of swivel chairs remove the need to step over and into the bath and onto a slippery surface. Instead, it enables users to simply sit and manoeuvre with their legs over the side of the bath safely and comfortably.

Our Swivelling Bath Seat, which is priced at just £179.99 having recently come down in price, allows for easy transfer in and out of the bath. Supported with a coated stainless steel frame for added support, the product can be locked into 4 different positions for the preference and comfort of the user. In addition, easy installation means you can have one of our most popular bath aids for the elderly in your bathroom or residential home in no time at all.

Speak with us About our Bath Aids for the Elderly Today

With many more options to pick and choose from, NRS customers are given an excellent choice of effective and high quality solutions for the bathroom. If you would like to know more about our bath aids for the elderly, don’t hesitate to browse through our disability living aids on the website or give our team a call on 0845 485 7331.

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