Posted on 03/12/2012

NHS Funds Stretched


NHS Funds Seriously Stretched

With an aging population and an ever growing amount of demands on the NHS, it is no surprise that a recent review by the influential think tank, the King’s Fund, has found that cracks are beginning to appear in cash strapped hospitals and clinics.

As part of the Government’s attempt to reduce the deficit, the NHS has been asked to find savings of 5% each year over the next few years, and inevitably services are starting to become stretched. The review identified a growing number of NHS trusts that were facing financial problems, leading the Shadow Health Secretary, Andy Burnham, to accuse the government of creating a system where care was rationed.

Anna Dixon, the Policy Director at the King’s Fund had a stark warning to the government about the fragile state of the NHS finances, claiming: “there are huge risks, particularly in ensuring that quality of care does not suffer with the financial squeeze.”

There is no doubt that many of the problems facing the NHS are down to the aging population of the UK, as people live for longer and require more and more specialist help. This is not only affecting waiting times in both elective and emergency situations, but also putting serious strains on the availability of the essential equipment needed to help with their day to day lives.

Fortunately, NRS stock a wide range of disability and living aids to complement and supplement the limited equipment available on the NHS, with affordable prices that are VAT free for disabled customers. From wheel chairs and ramps, to bathing equipment and home safety aids, NRS are able to step in to help when the NHS funded care falls short.

With what the review describes as ‘treacherous waters ahead’ for the NHS, NRS will continue to provide a much needed lifeline for all our customers.

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