Posted on 07/12/2012

New Rating System for Care Homes

New Rating System for Care Homes

Could this be a sustainable new way to improve care home standards?

With NRS customers having experienced a wide range of care standards across the UK, we welcome the announcement of proposals for a new rating system for hospitals and care homes, similar to the current OFSTED reports used in schools. The new system has been suggested by Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, and will be developed by the healthcare think tank The Nuffield Trust.

Until now, hospitals and care homes have merely had to meet the minimum standards of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), and while this flags up failing trusts and individual establishments, it does not take account of those care providers who are doing far better at the other end of the scale.

What will the new system bring to Care Homes?

It is hoped that the new system will deliver easy to understand results for service users and drive hospitals and care homes towards excellence, in the same way that OFSTED inspires schools to achieve and excel.

Explaining the thinking behind his proposals, Mr Hunt said: "I know how well each school in my constituency is doing thanks to the Ofsted inspections. But because the CQC only measures whether minimum standards have been reached, I do not know the same about hospitals and care homes. There needs to be an easy to understand, independent and expert assessment of how well somewhere is doing.”

The Nuffield Trust is expected to come back to the Health Secretary by the end of March with detailed recommendations.

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