Posted on 30/07/2012

New Products To Keep People Safe & Well

New Products To Keep People Safe & Well


NRS Healthcare has rebranded its extensive range of Stand-Alone Telecare Solutions under the ‘Safe & Well’ banner, whilst many new and improved products appear in the company's latest 48-page, dedicated catalogue.

Stand-Alone Telecare equipment does not connect to monitoring or call centres so there is usually no on-going charge for using it. The equipment normally involves little or no wiring - it is simply plugged in or is battery operated.

Sandra King, NRS Healthcare Brand Director said: “Keeping people safe and well is the primary objective with our ever-expanding range of Stand Alone Telecare Solutions and for that reason, we opted to brand it as Safe & Well.

“There’s a growing demand for Stand-Alone equipment, which can undoubtedly help people to live more independently and safely in their own homes, and can be equally invaluable to carers.”

“It can be particularly helpful for those living independently with learning disabilities and also be very helpful for people with memory problems associated with getting older and with dementia. These simple devices provide much-needed reassurance and improved peace of mind for carers.”

Among the new items on offer from NRS Healthcare is the Careline Carephone & Pendant Alarm, which can store up to 10 pre-programmed telephone numbers. Once the button is pressed on the Carephone or pendant, the unit transmits an alarm to the pre-programmed person. They can then have a conversation hands free, using the built-in microphone and speaker. The Carephone can be used in conjunction with compatible sensors to provide an extended alert system.

Also new to the Safe & Well range is the Personal GPS Tracker with Two-Way Communication, which is designed to help family and carers ensure the safety of a person who is prone to wandering outside the home. This easy to use device works via GPS mobile phone technology to confirm the person’s location.

The device also includes a fall sensor with sensitivity adjustment and if a fall occurs, a text message alert with mapping details is sent to all authorised phones.

Among the other new items are the Electric Cooker Guard and Monitor, designed to reduce the risk of fire should the user unintentionally leave the cooker on, and a Mobile Phone Controlled Power Socket with temperature sensor - ideal for helping to monitor a person who is alone at home and is either unable to switch sockets on and off, or does so inappropriately through confusion.

For a free copy of the Safe & Well Stand-Alone Telecare Solutions catalogue, please call the Order Hotline on 0845 121 8111 or visit

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