Posted on 01/05/2013

New Mobility Aids Available at NRS

New Mobility Aids Available at NRS

At NRS we are committed to providing high quality products which help improve our customer's quality of life. We have an extensive range of products available from mobility aids to disabled driver aids, whilst everything in our range has been through thorough testing to make sure they provide users with effective solutions.

For those who haven’t experienced the situation first hand, it’s hard to imagine the difficulty and frustration that comes with being partially or severely immobile. And it’s for that reason why we work so hard to make sure our products provide customers with outstanding use and functionality, regardless of their situation.

Mobility Aids for Booth Indoors and Outdoors

Our disabled mobility aids have been designed to make getting around both indoor and outdoor environments much easier, helping to maintain independence and live more enjoyable lives.

A product that enables users to move around outdoors much easier is one of our newest lines of products, mobility scooters. With a fantastic range to choose from we’ve got options available for people of all needs and budgets. Ideal for car transportation, the Explorer 4 is lightweight and compact and can be dissembled into four sections. In terms of functionality, the mobility scooter is easy to operate with a speed lever that makes for safe use at all times. For a detailed description of the product, don’t hesitate to browse the category page on our website where you’ll find out much more.   

Mobility Aids for the Bigger Budget

At the top end of the range we have the Adventurer 8, a robust scooter that’s capable of considerable distance at its maximum allowed speed limit of 8MPH. In addition, the scooter is fully adjustable and incorporates a soft-sprung foam base that adjusts for added comfort as well as a fully independent suspension that ensures a smoother ride.

If you want to know more about all of our mobility aids, feel free to browse the website or give our helpful team a call on 0845 421 3921.

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