Posted on 13/11/2013

Multi-Purpose Wheeled Walkers Provide Excellent Support

Multi-Purpose Wheeled Walkers Provide Excellent Support

Here at NRS Healthcare we are proud of the scope of products we provide and the service we deliver. One such area that we are extremely proud to address is mobility and our range of mobility aids. Our range of wheeled walkers act as one of the most popular product ranges for people suffering from disabilities, injury or mobility limitations associated with advancing age.

Features Seat and Carry Basket or Bag

As well as acting as excellent support for people that struggle with balance issues, the wheeled walkers from NRS Healthcare provide support for those that tire easily whilst on their feet. By incorporating a seat, the wheeled walkers give the user the ability to rest without having to find a suitable seat from elsewhere. Although there might be benches and other areas in which to sit, these are not guaranteed to be suitable. Benches can often be too low and for those that struggle transferring from the seated to standing position and vise versa, might struggle to safely lower them self or return to standing.

In addition, wheeled walkers from NRS Healthcare come complete with either a walker bag or basket. This provides extra support as this frees up the users hands to grip the handles of the walker rather than struggling with bags of shopping.

If you or a loved one struggles with mobility then we urge you to browse our range of mobility products. The aids we provide are designed to enhance the life of the user and help them to maintain their independence to a certain degree. The walker alone is capable of helping people stricken with mobility issues move about with ease around the home and when out and about to an extent that without it, many would be housebound.

Here to Help

If you would like to discuss any of the products we provide with a member of the NRS team then you can contact us by telephone on 0845 287 2070.

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