Posted on 19/08/2013

Mobility Bath Aids That Help You to Relax

Mobility Bath Aids That Help You to Relax

When you suffer from limited mobility bathing can prove difficult as well as treacherous. Here at NRS Healthcare we want you to be able to carry out your day to day tasks safely and as independently as possible. We provide a wide range of mobility bath aids designed to help you with every aspect of bathing, from getting in and out to safely manoeuvring whilst in the bath.

Mobility Bath Aids with Safety and Comfort in Mind

We take for granted the ability to carry out our bathing routines but as we age or for those that suffer disabilities this seemingly simple exercise can become something of a burden as well as a dangerous one. A bath is known to relax you and is a simple form of hydrotherapy that eases stress and aches, but when bath time starts to present as a problem this can stop being the case. If this is becoming the case then it may be time for you to consider investing in aids and equipment designed to help you easily carry out this duty and take away the worry sometimes associated with bath time for the elderly or infirm. And just because you struggle to stand for long periods doesn’t mean you should not be able to enjoy the quick convenience of a shower. We provide seating that can be used in the bath and the shower, bath rails and even bathing cushions that give you comfort, especially important if you suffer from pain whilst positioned in the bath. The bathroom can become one of the most dangerous areas in the home particularly because of wet wall and floor tiles. With our fantastic range of mobility bath aids you can kit your bathroom out with state of the art equipment designed with your safety and comfort in mind.

Check Out Our Wide Range of Mobility Aids

To make bath time safe then browse our fantastic range of bath aids. We also have a range of other products designed to aid with mobility around the home. Our mobility chairs are state of the art and reduce the need for transferring as these can be moved around easily in and around the house.

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