Posted on 26/07/2013

Make Travelling Easier with Car Transfer Aids

Make Travelling Easier with Car Transfer Aids

Car mobility aids are an essential piece of kit for many people that care for an elderly or disabled person. The ability to travel and get around gets much harder for those that struggle with mobility, but with carers’ help they can still enjoy days out and going outdoors – an essential contributor to good quality of life. No-one wants or deserves to be stuck inside all day, regardless of how little you can move. NRS are dedicated to provided a comprehensive range of mobility aids to cater for all requirements, and our car transfer aids are included in that range.

Car Mobility Aids are Essential for Carers

Simple car mobility aids such as swivel seats can make all the difference to someone that has a tough time manoeuvring themselves around. Making it easier to exit the car, swivel seats are ideal for people that just require some assistance and for those that want help with moving someone.

A handy bar to provide support to push off to stand out of the car is another useful car transfer aid that makes it much easier to get out. Suitable for most vehicles and featuring a seat belt cutter and glass breaker for emergencies, this great value car mobility aid is a valuable investment for many.

Simple Car Transfer Aids Make All the Difference

For those that care for someone in a wheelchair, we offer a selection of lightweight wheelchairs which can easily be stored and carried around for use on a car journey. Ideal for short periods of time, these car mobility aids are perfect for shopping and other activities.
Here at NRS we are committed to developing useful mobility aids that help improve peoples’ quality of life. Please feel free to have a browse of our products, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re here to help.

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