Posted on 03/06/2013

Make the Job Easier with NRS Continence Management Aids

Make the Job Easier with NRS Continence Management Aids

As a leading supplier of disability equipment at NRS, we are dedicated to offering products that provide only the best solutions for users, benefiting them with comfort, ease of use and convenience. Our products have been tried and tested to make sure they give users quality, whilst our full range of products is wide and varied to make sure we can benefit as many people as possible.

Choose from a Wide Range of Continence Management Aids

Amongst our full range of excellent products are our continence management aids which include bed protectors, chair protectors, detection alarms, pads and skin care products. Designed to help reduce risk and lessen the impact of incontinence, whilst improving comfort for users, these aids will make the difference when it matters. In addition, our continence management solutions or constantly being expanded and improved upon to ensure our customers are getting even more for their money.

As mentioned above, chair protectors are part of this range and we have some excellent options on offer. Available in 5 colours, the Chair Pad is a simple and effective solution for incontinence and provides chairs with a quilted top which assists in dispensing urine faster. Ideal for any chair surface, these 1 litre absorbent chair pads make cleaning up much easier for carers.

Clever Continence Management Aids

Moving on to a totally different continence management product, but one that’s no less effective, we provide the Comf-It Incontinence Monitor which is able to detect urine and vomiting to alert carers. Working by being able to detect moisture from urine and vomit, the device uses an Enuresis Support System and features sensors which are embedded into thin cotton sheets. Then, when moisture is detected, carers are alerted and are able to get to the situation as soon as possible, helping to make their job easier and ensure the safety of patients.

If you want to know more about our disability living aids, chair pads or any other our incontinence management products, simply browse through the website or call the NRS team on 0845 287 3191.

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