Posted on 10/04/2013

Make Healthy Eating Easy with NRS Eating and Drinking Aids

Make Healthy Eating Easy with NRS Eating and Drinking Aids

How eating and drinking aids can help with food preparation

We all know that eating a varied, balanced diet is essential for good health. Suffering from a physical impairment, whether it’s a lack of vision or arthritis, can have a negative effect on your ability to cook nutritious, wholesome meals. Fiddly equipment and cutlery can make it difficult to eat if you suffer with fine motor function, while trouble with vision, hearing or touch can cause problems while cooking and preparing food. Here at NRS, we have developed a range of cooking aids and equipment to help people prepare and cook healthy meals, helping them to eat a nutritious, balanced diet for good health.

Our selection of eating and drinking aids includes easy grip cutlery, non slip mats and deep, wide rimmed plates and bowls to make eating easier for those that have trouble with eating. All of our eating and drinking aids are strong and durable, proving to be a useful addition to the kitchen for years to come.

When it comes to food preparation there are plenty of factors that can make it difficult or even almost impossible. For those with visual impairments, making food and drinks can be incredibly difficult, which is why we pride ourselves on offering a great range of aids to help those with visual difficulties prepare food.

What eating and drinking aids do NRS provide?

We provide brightly coloured cutlery and eating equipment for extra visibility, while the vegetable workstation holds foods firmly so they can be cut easily by the user. These products are also perfect for those with sensory issues or arthritis sufferers. Liquid monitors can be attached to the side of cups which will alert you when the liquid reaches a certain level; saucepans with angled handles are easy to grip and the OXO Auto Chopper makes dicing vegetables easy.

Make cooking, eating and food preparation easy with the range of eating and drinking aids available from NRS. Take a look at our extensive range of cooking and mobility aids today or give our friendly team of advisers a call to talk about your requirements.

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