Posted on 27/08/2012

Make any home accessible with portable wheelchair ramps

Make any home accessible with portable wheelchair ramps

If you have to use a wheelchair, then chances are you’ll have your home adapted to make it fully accessible, with no doorframes or steps to negotiate. But not everywhere will be so accessible. A visit to friends or relatives could end at the door if there is no way over the threshold – unless you have the foresight to carry portable wheelchair ramps to help you make your entrance in style.

Portable wheelchair access ramps are lightweight and easy to move, and can be deployed almost anywhere to help you gain access where obstacles block your path. Take them with you when you visit and you’ll easily find your way in to any building, without any awkward lifting or damage to their doorways.

NRS Healthcare stock a wide range of wheelchair ramps to suit all situations and all budgets. Our basic doorframe ramp, at just £162.49 plus VAT, is compact and affordable enough for your friends and family to keep permanently at their homes for regular visits, while at the other end of the range, our fully adjustable, lightweight channel wheelchair access ramps, at £1082.50 plus VAT, are your essential travelling companion wherever your heading.

Just like the ramps in many black cabs, lightweight channel wheelchair ramps are incredibly versatile and flexible, and can be used to negotiate a wide range of entrances and obstacles. They’re telescopic, so they can be stored easily, and the two ramps are independent, so they can even accommodate uneven entrances such as sloping driveways. At maximum length, our lightweight channel portable wheelchair ramps will span over nine feet, yet at their smallest they will also fit easily into most cars, so you can carry them with you wherever you go for guaranteed access.

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