Posted on 31/08/2012

Make a difference with disability equipment for children

Make a difference with disability equipment for children

It’s important for anyone with children to encourage their development through games and play, arts and crafts. These may seem like fun, recreational activities, but in fact they teach children a whole range of basic skills, from hand eye coordination to how to interact socially with other people. However, these simple games and activities may not be so easy if your child has disabilities.

At Nottingham Rehab Supplies, we stock a huge range of disability equipment to help you to help your child develop and explore the world around them. We’ll help you encourage all those essential skills of childhood, bringing out the best in your child to build their strength both physically and mentally.

NRS disability equipment for children includes all the fun you need, from our noisy percussion kit to the endless possibilities of our activity treasure chest. All our disability equipment for kids has been designed with kids in mind, and carefully adapted to suit their abilities, whether they can throw a basketball into a floor level hoop, or just play target with a beanbag. Our disability equipment combines learning with laughter to produce the best results.

NRS can also help your child with their reading and writing. We have a wide range of pen grips and tubes to help them hold their pens and pencils, so that they can express themselves through art and writing, along with a selection of magnifiers to help them see clearly so they can enjoy the magic of reading too.

So give your child the very best chance in life by helping them to develop those essential skills as early as possible, with a little help from the disability equipment range at NRS. Talk to our team today and see how we can help you to help your child.

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