Posted on 15/05/2013

Maintain Independence with NRS Remote Control Sockets

Maintain Independence with NRS Remote Control Sockets

Throughout our history it has always been our focus to provide products that make the difference and it makes us proud that we continue to receive positive feedback for our products. With that in mind, we’re taking this chance to inform our visitors of the various benefits that can be had with yet another shrewd product from NRS – remote control sockets.

As with all our disabled aids, our remote control sockets are all about making the lives of the elderly and disabled much more comfortable. With a Remote Control Socket from NRS, users are able to simply plug any electrical appliance into it and then operate it remotely – perfect for those in a wheelchair and users who struggle to bend down.

Our Remote Control Sockets Means there's no need for Wires!

The Remote Plug Socket is also available with an additional key fob transmitter which allows users to control plugged in appliances remotely as well as a bulb holder (sold separately). As with the socket we mentioned, the socket with the additional transmitter works without the need for wires, making it ideal for switching appliances such as lamps and kettles on and off.

Lastly, we also supply a selection of remote control sockets in a pack with an accompanied handheld remote control unit. With three sockets available, users are able to control plugged in appliances from 30 metres away whilst also having a maximum load of 3000w - giving our customers even more for their money.

Learn More about our Fantastic Disability Living Aids

Ultimately, our range of electric remote control sockets is perfect for helping people maintain their independence as well as staying safe and comfortable. If you would like to know more about them, we encourage you to browse through our website, where you can find out more about our disability living aids, or call us on 0845 619 9321.

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