Posted on 08/02/2013

Link Between Obesity and Vitamin D Deficiency

Link Between Obesity and Vitamin D Deficiency

Research Finds Possible Link Between Obesity and Low Levels of Vitamin D

A recent study has found that obesity can lead to a lack of vitamin D. Hitting the headlines this week, the claims are based on a large, complex and broad study which set about to investigate the link between obesity and vitamin D levels within the body. Although previous research had suggested a link may be possible, until now it has been unclear whether or not low levels of vitamin D could affect weight gain.

What does the research on Vitamin D Say?

The research, which was carried out by a large group of researchers from both US and European institutions, found that those with genetic variations associated with obesity had lower levels of vitamin D. However, those with genetic variations associated with low levels of vitamin D were no more likely to be obese, which suggests that it is obesity that lowers levels of the vitamin rather than the other way round.

Researchers speculated that vitamin D could become ‘trapped’ inside fat tissue, making it less available for circulation inside the blood. Firm conclusions from the research have not yet been drawn as more evidence from different sources is required but initial findings suggest that additional benefits of reducing obesity could indeed be the reduction of vitamin D deficiency.
Maintaining a healthy body weight is as important as ever for both physical and mental health and why public health advice remains unchanged by this research, living a healthy lifestyle should always be a priority.

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