Posted on 14/08/2013

Lightweight Rollators that Take the Worry and Stress Out of Venturing Outdoors

Lightweight Rollators that Take the Worry and Stress Out of Venturing Outdoors

As we age many skills and abilities that we have taken for granted can sometimes start to degenerate. Stability is most definitely one of them. Where once we could easily get from A to B without any worry, as we get older and start to become unsteady on our feet this simple task can prove to be very daunting. Some people become so unsteady that going out alone is an impossible task. It does not have to be this way, nor does this have to mean that your independence should be taken away. A simple aid such as a lightweight rollators can make all the difference.

Lightweight Rollators and Magnifying Lenses are Just Some of the Daily Living Aids we Have to Offer

Here at NRS Healthcare we provide a wide range of aids for daily living, included in our range are lightweight rollators. In addition to providing stability and giving the elderly and infirm the confidence to venture out and maintain their independence, rollators can offer other benefits such as  a mobile seat, meaning you will always have a sturdy seat if you need five minutes and/or a basket that can be used to carry groceries and other bags, leaving your hands free. We believe that through clever thought and simple design we can provide aids that will enhance your quality of life. Another simple yet ingenious design is our range of magnifying lenses. As we get older we might find that our eyesight is not as it used to be. Medicine bottles and instructions can prove difficult to read due to the small font, with a magnifying lens to hand you can quickly and easily zoom in without the need to mess about with a pair of spectacles.

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