Posted on 12/08/2013

Let Hydrotherapy Equipment Open the Doors to Amazing Methods of Physio and Pain Relief

Let Hydrotherapy Equipment Open the Doors to Amazing Methods of Physio and Pain Relief

Hydrotherapy might seem like a modern form of therapy but in actual fact it has been around since ancient times. Records show that various forms of hydrotherapy were applied by ancient Egyptian, Persian, Greek and Roman civilisations. Using the therapeutic application of hot and cold on the body, hydrotherapy helps with the management, treatment and recovery process of many ailments. That is why NRS Healthcare are proud to provide state of the art hydrotherapy equipment.

Hydrotherapy Equipment from NRS make this fantastic form of Therapy Accessible for Everyone

Pain relief can come in many forms, some more beneficial than others. Hydrotherapy offers pain relief without the need for medication which can often have undesirable side effects. We provide hydrotherapy equipment that aids in the process from hydrotherapy mats to slings and swings. We believe that hydrotherapy should be accessible for anyone that needs it and our equipment ensures that this is made possible. The swings and slings are designed to support the user and smoothly lower and raise them in and out of the water. We provide mats that are multi-use, making them great for forms of physiotherapy exercise both in the water and on dry land. Through the use of hydrotherapy you can see an improvement in muscle movement and improved joint mobility that is why hydrotherapy is an amazing form of physiotherapy and treatment towards recovery. Hydrotherapy is safe for almost everyone although it is advised that you check with your physician before you opt for this form of therapy.

Aids for Daily Living that Make Your Life Easier and Less Painful

Here at NRS Healthcare we provide a wide range of equipment that aims to aid you in daily living. If you are elderly, suffer from a disability, suffering from an injury or if you would just like to take the strain out of certain aspects of daily living then chances are we stock something that could be of use to you. Just another example of our innovative products are the mattress and leg lifters. For those of us that struggle elevating our legs due to age, disability or injury the leg lifters are a welcome addition to the bedroom. Browse our website for a better idea of the wide range of products we have that can make your life easier.

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