Posted on 28/05/2020

Keep the car accessible with this handy travel equipment

Keep the car accessible with this handy travel equipment

Now that lockdown restrictions are starting to be eased, many people who are fit and healthy are looking forward to using their cars to visit local beauty spots and enjoy the fresh air.

Of course, there will be some people who will rely on their car to get out and about again – perhaps because they are unable to walk very far without feeling tired or experiencing pain – and it’s likely they will benefit from some support when travelling.

At NRS Healthcare, we offer a range of car and mobility aids to ensure everyone has the support they need to get in and out of their vehicle safely, and can also travel with the right equipment to support them once they reach their destination.

5-star products to help someone get into and out of their car

Some car seats can be low and, with very little to hold on to, it can be difficult for some people to lift themselves out of a car. There are several products that are designed specially to help people get in and out of the car safely. The Car Caddie is a strong handled strap which fits around the door frame and is designed to help the user pull themselves to a standing position. It can easily be removed if it needs to be used on different cars and can be adjusted to suit the heights of different people.

Alternatively, the Handy Bar is a versatile product that attaches to a car to create a handle, providing additional support for someone lifting or lowering themselves from and into their seat. It also features a glass breaker and seat belt cutter that are ideal for use in emergencies.

Make car transfers smoother with a rotating cushion

Rotating transfer cushions are often used for chair and bed transfers, but can also be used to help people avoid twisting to get into the car. Transfer cushions, such as the Rotary Transfer Cushion, have an anti-slip underside and a cushioned top for improved comfort. They enable a person to swivel into or out of their car seat and can help make car travel safer – especially when used in combination with a Car Caddie or Handy Bar. Please note that transfer cushions should not be used in transit.

Mobility aids that travel with you

Mobility aids can offer support to anyone living with limited mobility or who requires support when walking longer distances. If a mobility aid needs to travel with you in the car, it is worth considering an aid with a folding mechanism.

Folding walking sticks offer walking support and can be manipulated into a compact size to fit into someone’s bag when it is not needed. If someone needs further support, there are different styles of folding wheelchairs and rollators available that can fit into the boot of a car and ensure someone has the right support wherever they go. Folding mobility aids are ideal if you are going to outdoor areas that need to be accessed by car.

To find out more about the travel equipment and mobility aids available at NRS Healthcare, you can visit our Mobility Aids category page.

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