Posted on 14/09/2012

Improving Quality of Life

Improving Quality of Life

Here at NRS we are dedicated to providing top quality products which help improve quality of life. We stock a broad range of products from disabled mobility aids to sensory products for the elderly.

Can you imagine being immobile, whether partially or severely? Disabilities can be incredibly restricting, and this is very frustrating for those affected.

That’s why we provide a huge range of disabled mobility aids, to help people who struggle to get about remain as mobile as possible, enabling them to live fuller, more independent lives.

Our three wheeled walker is the perfect aid for those who have trouble with standing and balancing whilst walking. The three wheeled walker provides sturdy support but is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Ideal for the elderly, the rollator walker is strong, stable and features puncture proof tyres, eliminating the worry of a puncture when using the roller on a cracked or uneven surface. Its height is adjustable so can be used by anyone regardless of height.

The rollator walker consists of three wheels in a triangle formation, from which stem an aluminium frame, where the storage bag and basket are held. The handles are similar to those on a pushbike, which makes for easy steering and control.

The walker features fantastic storage: a basket, tray and bag, making it ideal for use on shopping trips. The way the walker is designed means that the weight of any items placed in the bag or basket doesn’t affect the users control or steering.

The three wheeled walker features a pull to lock brake, allowing the user to rest with ease, without worrying the walker that it’ll roll away. Easy to fold, the rollator walker is compact and easy to store and is ideal for car journeys, overnight stays and those with minimal storage facilities. Plus, the three wheeled walker is fantastic value for money.

Here at NRS we are constantly reviewing and updating our products and disabled mobility aids, so if you have any feedback please let us know. We strive to meet our customers’ needs in every way possible. If you would like more information please visit our website.

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