Posted on 13/05/2020

How to stay safe and well when getting back outdoors

How to stay safe and well when getting back outdoors

On Sunday 10th May, Boris Johnson announced the UK government’s plan for starting to ease certain lockdown restrictions relating to COVID-19, which includes granting unlimited daily outdoor activity to those who are fit and healthy.

Despite many people in England now having the option to spend more time outdoors, Mr Johnson was keen to state that social distancing guidance must remain firmly in place and that only members of the same household can be less than 2m apart. People who are classed as “extremely vulnerable” to Coronavirus will need to continue shielding. It is important to keep up to date with government advice as it is regularly being updated.

At NRS Healthcare, we understand there will be many people looking forward to enjoying more fresh air, but who may need a little extra support whilst walking, which is where our wide range of rollators can be very useful. For those who are unsure about how a rollator can help them enjoy the outdoors safely and independently, we’re here to explain the benefits of some of the best rollators available.

What are the benefits of using an outdoor rollator?

Outdoor rollators are mobility aids that help to support someone’s balance when they’re walking on smooth and paved terrains outdoors. They feature three or four wheels and have a strong, supportive frame which a person controls using the handles and brakes. Although three and four-wheeled outdoor rollators offer similar features, four-wheeled rollators can feel more stable and often include a seat, whilst three wheeled rollators can be ideal for smaller spaces. In this section we look at how the different features of a rollator can help someone to walk more independently.

Deciding between three or four wheels

With the choice of three or four wheels and large ergonomic handles, rollators are for use on paved or smooth terrain. Four-wheel rollators often feature a seat as well, ideal for anyone needing to rest whilst out and about. The NRS Freestyle 3 Wheel Rollator has three large wheels which improve its manoeuvrability and make it more comfortable for someone to control over different outdoor surfaces.

Outdoor rollators help people to stay active

If a person enjoys walking, but needs some additional support over longer distances, an outdoor rollator such as the A-Series 4-Wheel Rollator can support their balance whilst standing still or on the move, enabling them to walk safely and with confidence.

A built-in seat provides a place to rest

Many rollators include a handy seat to rest on, which is especially useful when someone is enjoying a longer outdoor walk. The Mobility Care® Aluminium Rollator has a padded seat and backrest, which gives the user a convenient place to sit if they need to take a break.

Many outdoor rollators are designed to fit in the car

If someone wants the option to drive to a park or quiet walking route, there are folding outdoor rollators that can be stored in the car. As well as folding away for transportation, the 2 in 1 Rollator and Transit Chair can be converted from a walking aid to a transit chair, meaning the user can sit and be pushed if necessary, for short distances.

Some outdoor rollators feature a bag

If a person needs to take essential items with them when enjoying outdoor exercise, such as a bottle of water or medication, you may want to consider buying a rollator with a bag or basket so their hands are free to control and manoeuvre the rollator safely.

NRS Healthcare have a number of different rollators, available in many designs and styles, which can be viewed on the rollators category page. Our Freestyle rollator was designed in house and launched last year by our New Product Development team. Available in silver, champagne or purple, it has received rave reviews from our customers and was even featured on the Ability Street YouTube channel – run by Jon Morris, who was born with cerebral palsy.

You can watch his video below to see the Freestyle in action and discover how it helped Jon to remain independent when walking outdoors.

If you are unsure about which rollator is most suitable for your needs, you can contact our product advice team at [email protected] Please remember that they can only advise you on the information you have given them. We also offer a useful buying guide about how to choose the right rollator.

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