Posted on 03/06/2020

How to ensure we all stay safe and well as UK shops start to re-open

How to ensure we all stay safe and well as UK shops start to re-open

According to the UK Prime Minister’s Coronavirus briefing on Monday 25th May, the British public will see non-essentials retailers, including department stores and independent shops, opening from June.

As people consider going out to their local high street shops, it is vital that everyone continues to social distance and maintain the correct hygiene practices. To keep people protected when out and about, NRS Healthcare offer a range of personal care equipment, including hand sanitisers and gloves, that can help to reduce the spread of infection. We also offer a range of mobility aids that can support someone when walking to, or around, their local shops, whilst also helping them to store and carry their purchases safely.

Ensuring someone can walk safely around the shops

For those requiring support when walking, a rollator may be ideal to help them remain stable whilst out and about. The A-Series 4-Wheel Rollator, includes a handy basket that can be used to store small items during a shopping trip and also features a padded seat with backrest which is great to rest on if needed. If local shops are further from home and driving is required, this rollator also has a folding mechanism for improved storage in the boot of a car.

A shopping trolley may be a better option for someone who is steadier on their feet, but would benefit from support carrying shopping. The Liberator Shopping Trolley can be wheeled to and from home or the car and can stand up unaided. Its strong and insulated bag is ideal for food shopping and it includes a seat in case the person using it needs to take a rest.

Remember to stay protected and maintain good hygiene standards

If someone is considering going to the supermarket or local shop, it is vital they keep themselves and others protected by continuing to social distance and maintain hygiene measures. Many shops and supermarkets now have 2 metre indicators on the floor to help people maintain a safe distance from others, but every individual is responsible for not touching their own face and keeping their hands clean by washing and sanitising. Some people are also choosing to wear gloves and face masks, but they must be used properly to ensure they offer good protection.

Alcohol based sanitisers offer an effective alternative to washing hands with soap and water when someone is away from home. The Hand Sanitiser Gel kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses once dry and can help to prevent the risk of spreading infection.

Gloves, such as the latex-free nitrile gloves, can help to keep hands clean and dry, but must be taken off correctly and used in conjunction with other hygiene measures, including the person not touching their face and only touching surfaces that they need to, to ensure the gloves offer good protection.

If someone chooses to wear a face mask when outside their home, it’s important to understand the protection and filtration level the mask offers. A Type I, Type II or Type IIR surgical mask, are all ideal for use in public areas and socially distanced environments and can be bought online. If a mask is worn, it should be fitted over the mouth AND nose and the user should not touch the mask whilst wearing it. To understand more about the different types of face masks and the protection they offer, you can read our “Understanding masks” article.

Feel comfortable knowing your toileting needs are covered

There are thousands of disabled toilets across the country that can be accessed with a radar key. Radar keys are made to ensure toilets with the right facilities are always accessible to those who need them. If someone is starting to head out more as lockdown restrictions are eased, they may benefit from carrying a radar key. As many public toilets were closed during the lockdown, those who may require toileting facilities when they are out and about might wish to check which facilities are open with their local council.

Find out more about the personal care equipment and mobility aids we offer on our website that can support people thinking of venturing out more as shops start to re-open.

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