Posted on 15/07/2020

How can home monitors help someone stay safe and well?

How can home monitors help someone stay safe and well?

Home monitors can offer invaluable support when used in a professional or home care environment to support those who are more vulnerable.

If someone has an increased risk of a fall there are a range of monitors available to alert a carer that the person they support has moved from their bed or chair, or has fallen in their home and requires assistance.

Below we explain the benefits of some of the common monitoring systems carers can use to help ensure those they support stay safe and well at home.

Take the pressure off with a sensor mat

Pressure sensor mat kits help to identify when a person has moved from their bed or chair, to ensure they get the support they need as soon as possible. When used on a chair or bed, a sensor mat can detect when pressure is removed, signalling that someone has stood up and potentially left the area. Alternatively, if the sensor mat is designed for use on the floor it can send an alert if pressure is placed on the mat, indicating that someone has moved out of their seat or bed. Sensor mats are connected to a monitoring device, and can also be linked to a pager which will alert a carer to movement.

Window and door alarms

Using door sensors around a house or care facility can help to indicate when someone has left a room or building. Some door sensors, such as the Wandering Alert Floor and Door Sensor Kit are supplied with a sensor mat so carers are alerted if someone leaves their seat, their bed, or their room. However, door sensors can be found as individual products, such as the Magnetic Door and Window Alarm, which will sound a loud alert when a door or window is opened.

Getting the right support if a fall does occur

In a situation where a home monitor detects a fall, it is important for carers to be prepared by having the right equipment to help someone get back on their feet. An emergency lifting cushion is an invaluable piece of equipment designed to be placed under someone who has fallen and then slowly inflated to raise them to a seated position. Investing in a lifting cushion will help ensure a carer can safely lift someone to their feet without running the risk of injury either to themselves or the person they care for. Some lifting cushions, including the Mangar Camel Cushion also feature a back rest that is ideal if the person needs more support when they are seated. Lifting equipment should only be used if you are certain that the person has not sustained an injury, and that they are able to maintain their upper body balance while being lifted.

It’s important to remember...

Whilst some monitors are supplied with a pager or paired device that alerts a carer, others may just sound an alarm. It is important to check the products to ensure they are supplied with an appropriate pager if required or if a compatible device is available.

If you are unsure which product is suitable for the person you care for, you can contact our friendly team of professionals, including Occupational Therapists, at [email protected] who can offer advice on suitable products.

To view the full range of monitors and alarms available at NRS Healthcare, please visit our website.

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