Posted on 20/02/2013

Hope for those living with Parkinson's

Hope for those living with Parkinson's

Research suggests new brain surgery could bring hope to people living Parkinson's

Reports from The New England Journal of Medicine website suggest that a new form of brain surgery could bring hope to thousands of people who are living with Parkinson’s disease. The story, which is based on a brand new study, suggests that a technique which is currently used to treat advanced forms of Parkinson’s could benefit those with early forms of the Parkinson's.

What happened in this new study on Parkinson's?

The study involved 251 people, all diagnosed with early-stage Parkinson’s and looked at the quality of life of subjects after receiving different treatments for a 2 year period. One group was treated with brain stimulation and medication and the other was treated with just medication. Brain stimulation acts as a neural pacemaker and uses electrical pulses to stimulate the areas which have been damaged by the disease.

Researchers found that the quality of life improved significantly for Parkinson's sufferers, by 26%, in patients treated with both brain stimulation and medication. Those who only received medication saw a 1% decline.

Carried out in Germany by researchers from the University of Kiel, the research was funded by the German Ministry of Research and various other sources that have remained unnamed. Published in the peer-reviewed New England Journal of Medicine, the impressive results have been accurately reported, however due to the size of the study, replicas must be put in place before it is deemed safe and effective enough to carry out publicly.

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