Posted on 25/01/2013

Headaches Caused by Lightning?

Headaches Caused by Lightning?

Can lightning give you a headache?

Severe headaches, called migraines, are already known to be triggered by a wide range of factors, from cheese and chocolate to stress and even exercise. However, new research has suggested a new culprit, in the form of nearby lightning storms.

The research was a separate analysis of the data from an ongoing study into headaches that was carried out in the United States. Researchers took the ‘headache diaries’ that subjects were keeping for the main investigations, and compared the frequency and dates of headaches and migraines with local weather data on thunderstorms that involved lightning within 25 miles of the subject.

Why does lightning give you a headache?

The researchers found that migraine sufferers were 31% more likely to get a headache when there was lightning nearby and 28% more likely to get a migraine. The reason for this is unknown, although some theories suggest that it may be connected to the way that lightning creates ozone in the lower atmosphere.

It should be noted that the study was relatively small, involving just 90 subjects, and that the results would need to be replicated on a much larger scale to be truly significant. What’s more, since no direct causal link has yet been established, the increase in headahce cases, though statistically significant, may still be a coincidence.

The other problem with the findings is the question of how valuable they actually are for migraine sufferers. While it is easy to identify and avoid triggers such as chocolate or cheese, most people do not have the option of avoiding a thunderstorm within 25 miles.

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