Posted on 30/01/2013

Have You Heard of NICE Yet?

Have You Heard of NICE Yet?

Find out how NICE works and are already helping you

In a perfect world, the government would be able to fund all available drugs for all conditions, regardless of costs or proven benefits. However, with the current economic conditions being far from perfect, there has to be some way of choosing which drugs offer value for money and which are simply too expensive. That’s where NICE comes in – the National Institute for Clinical Excellence.

So how does NICE affect you?

NICE uses a formula called quality adjusted life years – or QALY – to decide on a drug’s value. This formula considers the cost of the drug against the amount a patient’s life can be improved or extended. The current cut off point for cost effectiveness is around £20,000 - £30,000 per QALY.

However, not everyone agrees with this system of assessment used by NICE, and last week, the European Consortium in Healthcare Outcomes presented the case against the system at a conference in Brussels. They claim that the QALY system does not take into account the different views people have of the impact of their disease.

Ariel Beresniak, the project leader for the consortium, said that QALY produces the wrong results. “It is not a scientific way to classify and priorities drugs,” she said. “To do so mathematically is flawed”. However, many have opposed the groups’s findings, claiming that while QALY is not perfect, it is fit for purpose and it is better than the current alternatives, which cannot be applied as fairly across such a broad range of conditions.

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