Posted on 05/12/2012

Government to Introduce Minimum Alcohol Price?


Minimum Alcohol Price Proposed

With the festive season upon us, many of us will be planning a few nights out for drinks with friends, as well as stocking up for family and visitors who come to call. Relaxing with a drink is all part of the festive fun.

However, according to the BMA, as many as a quarter of all drinkers drink to excess, damaging their health and leading to long term health issues, with excessive drinking leading to over a million hospital admissions per year.

That is why the Government has begun a ten week consultation on a plan to bring in a minimum price of 45p per unit for alcohol sold in England and Wales. While this would not affect most drinks in pubs and restaurants, it would stop supermarkets from selling alcohol at irresponsibly cheap prices that encourage binge drinking or drinking to excess.

Researchers at Sheffield University estimate that the new minimum price per unit for alcohol could cut death rates by as many as 2,000 per year and reduce alcohol related hospital cases by as many as 66,000. And with the King’s Fund already reporting that the NHS is starting to show signs of being under serious financial strain, such reductions can only be a good thing.

Long term alcohol abuse can also lead to a wide variety of health and mobility problems that put further strain on the NHS, such as balance issues, numbness in the hands and feet and cardiovascular issues such as stroke, as well as a range of mental health problems. Fortunately, NRS have a wide range of living and mobility aids that can help people who are suffering from the physical effects of prolonged alcohol problems, helping to make their lives easier and more manageable. With a range of daily living aids mobility equipment on offer, feel free to browse our site or contact a member of our team for help.

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