Posted on 11/04/2014

Good News for those in Need of Mobility Aid Equipment

Good News for those in Need of Mobility Aid Equipment

Good news! The average life expectancy of the UK population is increasing. This is not news per se; we’ve known for a long time that we are living much longer than we were in the early 20th century. During that time people living into their 70s, 80s and especially 90s was uncommon. It is this increase in mortality that has urged the recent social care reforms which is excellent news for those who require funding in order to purchase mobility accessories and mobility aid equipment.

Social Care Reforms

The current social care services have been a bone of contempt for some time now, especially for  those who have worked all their lives and saved for their children’s future only to have their nest eggs diminished due to rising care and services costs. Currently if you own assets that accumulate in excess of £23,520 you are not eligible for state funding. This means you are required to pay for your care and necessary mobility aid equipment etc. privately. Otherwise known as ‘self-funders’, those that have had to pay privately have sometimes had to resort to selling or remortgaging their homes or selling other assets that they have worked hard to pay for over the years. This also applied to those who suffer from conditions and ailments not considered substantial or critical by their local authority.

The Proposed Changes to the Social Care System Explained

The good news is this could change! The social care bill that has been introduced by the government will need to be passed by Parliament and if successful the following amendments will come into force by 2014

Raising the Assets Threshold

The current eligibility threshold amount of £23,520 will see an unprecedented increase to £123,000. This means that many people who have assets that amount to below this number will be eligible for state funded care.

Cost Cap – £75,000

The Secretary of State and Health spoke out in Parliament to draw attention to the ‘desperately  unfair’ current Social Care system. Currently many older people who require care are faced with ‘limitless, often ruinous costs’ when it comes to paying for care when they need it most. A cost cap of £75,000 has been proposed in order to turn the UK into ‘One of the best places in the world to grow old’. This cost cap would mean that if care costs exceed this amount, then the state will step in to meet further costs.

More Access for Everyone to Mobility Aid Equipment and Accessories

If passed this new reform will be something to celebrate! Here at NRS Healthcare we understand that mobility aid equipment and mobility accessories have the power to enhance the quality of life and prove invaluable to the user. Simple daily living aids and tools can make all the difference and the new reform will mean that many more will have access to these without the matter of costs getting in the way.

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