Posted on 25/11/2021

Gifts that will help on Christmas Day

Gifts that will help on Christmas Day

Christmas 2021 is sure to be one to remember. Even if you can’t spend it with your loved one this year, there are still ways you can help make their Christmas easier and more comfortable.

It starts with food

One of the joys of Christmas is all the amazing food to eat. If they sometimes struggle a little preparing snacks, meals, or buttering bread then they may like the NRS Kitchen Spread Board. It has a raised lip on two sides to help hold the bread in place while they butter it or make a sandwich and the non-slip feet on the bottom stop it from slipping. See ways to help make Christmas dinner for more kitchen aids.

Is their mobility not quite what it used to be? Give them a gift that’ll help them get around a little easier. The Let’s Go Indoor Rollator and Trolley will not only help them move about, but it also acts as a trolley so they can carry food and drink safely from one place to the another without any messy accidents.

Gifts that keep on giving

If their vision isn’t the best, they may find it tricky to read who their Christmas cards or presents are from. Get them the Hands Free Magnifier with Light, it will make it much easier for them to read the sender’s handwriting. It’ll also be useful for helping them with checking the TV guide to find out when the Queen’s Speech and all the best Christmas shows are on.

Do they spend a lot of time in their comfy chair during the day? They might like an Over Bed/Chair Table. It’s suitable for divan beds or armchairs, is height adjustable, and can be angled to suit their needs. Handy for putting their new gifts on or for anything that they need to have within easy reach. For everything else that can’t go on the table, the NRS Combi Reacher might be the ideal aid to help them get what they need nearby without having to bend or stretch excessively.

Keeping in touch

When you can’t be with someone on a special day, the next best thing is a phone call (especially if they’re not comfortable with making video calls). If they have issues with their hearing or vision, a standard telephone might not work for them.

The Doro 311C Phone Easy Telephone has large buttons that are easier to see when dialling, and has a flashing indicator light to let them know when a call is coming through. It’s also hearing aid compatible and has an easily adjustable receiver volume.

Settling down towards the end of the day

Are they a tea lover? If they find it tricky lifting a standard teapot, help them enjoy a relaxing cuppa with the Wade Dignity Two-Handled Teapot. It has two handles so it can be lifted with both hands making it much easier to pour and so reducing the risk of spills.

You may even like to pair the teapot with the Wade Dignity Two-Handled Mug so that they have a matching set.

Want to see more gift ideas? You can find the rest of our gifts to help on Christmas Day here.

If you need any help in deciding if one of these products would be suitable for your loved one’s needs, please contact our free Product Advice Service on 0345 121 8111 or email [email protected]

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