Posted on 13/06/2014

Get Support on the Go with Wheelchair Accessories from NRS

Get Support on the Go with Wheelchair Accessories from NRS

Whether you enjoy days at the beach or prefer a picnic in the local park, limited mobility should not stand in the way of you enjoying those days out in the sun. Today, most public establishments are required by law to provide suitable disabled access so there is no reason not to visit your favourite restaurant and with the help of our innovative range of wheelchair accessories and wheelchair mobility solutions, you can make trips out even more hassle free than before.

Wheelchair Support Cushions

Included in our extensive range of wheelchair accessories is a selection of wheelchair cushions. When seated for prolonged periods a person may experience discomfort. Wheelchair pressure care cushions are designed to alleviate any pain or discomfort that is associated with extended use of wheelchairs by providing support and reducing pressure.

Wheelchair Gloves for Hand Comfort and Wrist Support

Those who enjoy the use of self-propelled wheelchairs sometimes experience discomfort in the hands and wrist. Simple wheelchair gloves and wrist supports are both comfortable and durable. And in addition to providing relief, they also allow the user of the wheelchair to achieve better grip.

Wheelchair Bags and Back Packs

Now you can take all the necessary items along with you without struggling with a bag on your lap with our excellent range of wheelchair bags, designed specifically for use with a wheelchair. These are especially useful for self-propelled wheelchairs as these free up your hands so you can focus on manoeuvring. One of the most popular wheelchair accessories on the market, wheelchair bags are invaluable and can be used to transport items such as medication, drinks or other wheelchair accessories including replacement seat protectors and wheelchair drink holders when not in use, all of which are available from NRS.

Portable and Fitted Wheelchair Access Ramps

Although as we have already mentioned above, most public establishments are required by law to have disability access, which includes ramped entrances. There are often situations where having a portable wheelchair access ramp to hand proves useful, such as visiting friends or when travelling.

NRS provide a range of fitted and portable access ramps, that roll up for ease of transport and storage.

Contact NRS for More Information on Wheelchair Accessories

If you or someone you know requires the use of a wheelchair then we urge you to browse our collection of wheelchair accessories. You might be surprised at what we can offer and how we can make life easier. If you would like advice or guidance concerning any of our wheelchair mobility aids or wheelchair accessories, you can contact the NRS product advisory team on 0845 163 2507.

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