Posted on 07/10/2013

Get Support and Relief from Arm Cushions Designed by Occupational Therapists

Get Support and Relief from Arm Cushions Designed by Occupational Therapists

NRS Healthcare has become synonymous with innovative thinking and design and sometimes the simplest design can give an immeasurable amount of support to the user. All the products we provide work in accordance with BHTA (British Healthcare Trades Association) standards. Our arm cushions are no exception.

Simple and Innovative Arm Cushions

Simple in design yet invaluable to those that have need to use them, the arm cushions provided from NRS Healthcare work by supporting the arms of those who have suffered injury or experience reduced function in one arm following a stroke.

NRS Healthcare have worked closely with Occupational Therapists for many years to provide the best in innovative design and the most well suited for their purpose products. The arm cushion has been designed by Occupational Therapists with the needs of stroke victims in mind, the whole arm support cushions provide welcome relief and support by providing the ideal position for effective rehabilitation.

In addition to being excellent support for those that have suffered a stroke the arm cushion has also be proven to help reduce Oedema in the hands and helps align the shoulders. The arm cushion is made from anti microbial material that does not sweat and can easily be wiped down in the interest of hygiene.

Although the arm cushion cannot be used in the bath, here at NRS Healthcare we also provide a wide range of bath aids for elderly people including bath steps, grab rails as well as bathing cushions. Baths can be very unforgiving when it comes to comfort and if you require an arm cushion out of the bath, you are sure to still require some form of comfort support in the bath.

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