Posted on 17/06/2013

Get Superb Toileting and Bath Aids from NRS

Get Superb Toileting and Bath Aids from NRS

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of healthcare aids, at NRS we know that bathroom activity can often be a frustrating and troublesome experience for the elderly and disabled. That’s why, throughout our entire history, we’ve always been keen to supply the very best bath aids and toileting aids, creating and developing products that make peoples’ lives easier.

Our Bath Aids Aim to Fulfil the needs of every Customer

Our collection of bath aids and toileting aids is wide and varied, fulfilling all the needs of our customers and making sure they can get everything they need from NRS. Our bath aids include everything from mobile shower commode chairs, bath lifts and grab rails, whilst in our toileting aids range our customers can choose from an extensive selection including bidet bowls, easy turn keys and bed pans. The aids in each range have been produced to make the experience for the user as pleasant as possible.

Both collections have their more popular products with the Neptune Bath Lift being one of our best selling bath aids and with a host of fantastic features; it’s easy to see why. Comfortable and lightweight, the Neptune includes an integrated anti-bacterial agent which helps protect from bacteria whilst a wonderfully stylish design means users have more leg room. In addition, waterproof hand controls mean that users can always feel comfortable adjusting settings at any time which adds to the overall usability of the product.

Toileting Aids that Reduces Ulcers

As we’ve said above, our range of toileting aids is wide and varied and includes the fantastic Commode/Bath Cushion Hoist. Designed to relieve pressure, this toileting aid is ideal for those who are at risk of developing pressure ulcers. The cushion cleverly distributes the user’s weight over the seating area to make sure they’re evenly supported whilst safety is ensured with waterproof velcro straps, working for comfort and to keep the seat in place.

The bath aids and toileting aids we’ve talked about today are just two of the brilliant and innovative products to purchase from our website. If you’d like to know more about any of our disability aids, get in touch with our team when you dial 0845 287 3190.

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