Posted on 28/05/2013

Get High Quality Waterproof Bedding at NRS

Get High Quality Waterproof Bedding at NRS

Established for over 65 years, NRS are now leaders in the industry concerning high quality disability aids for the elderly and disabled, whether it’s products for them personally, or for their partners. NRS has an enormous range of products that features 2,500 of the best daily living aids on the market.

With many different types of aids for the home and every situation, NRS customers are catered for with aids that are certain to improve their daily living. As experts, we understand that many of our customers want products that are going to provide solutions for the bedroom and we provide some of the best bedroom aids available anywhere.

NRS Waterproof Bedding Deals with Incontinence Effectively

A particular popular area of our bedroom aids range is our waterproof bedding. Helping to deal with the problem of incontinence, our waterproof bedding products are there to make the difference. And while our waterproof bedding obviously won’t stop the situation from happening, it will help a grate deal to carers who have to clean it up.

Quality is present throughout our full range of waterproof bedding but if we were to pick out one product in particular that stands out, it would be the Comfort Waterproof Duvet. Designed for easy cleaning with a simple wipe, the duvet’s fabric and breathable waterproof cover eliminated liquid, dust, bed mites and gets rid of all dangers that from body fluids.

Waterproof Bedding Now Available for Cheaper

Having recently seen a reduction in price, the duvet is now available for a fantastic £105.59 – and absolute bargain! If you like to purchase it today, just visit the product page and go to the checkout.

To find out more about all of our disability products, give us a call on 0845 287 3092 today.



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