Posted on 04/08/2014

Get fitter and healthier with NRS Healthcare’s exercise equipment

Get fitter and healthier with NRS Healthcare’s exercise equipment

Most of us realise that regular exercise is important to our general health and sense of wellbeing, but did you know that increasing your activity levels can actually help reduce your risk of developing a host of different illnesses and conditions?

A recent study by The Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London has highlighted that a lack of physical activity is one of several factors that can increase our risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease, along with smoking, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Researchers concluded that reducing these risk factors can help decrease the chance of developing the disease, or delay its occurrence.

Similarly, evidence shows that regular exercise can help improve your mood, enhance self esteem and relieve symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety.

A Wide Range of Exercise and Rehab Equipment

So just increasing your physical activity a little bit every day could help you stay fitter and healthier for longer. If you’re able, try walking or join a local gym. If you have limited mobility or use a wheelchair, take a look at our range of exercise equipment including exercise balls, resistance bands, weights and pedal exercise machines. Our products are ideal for use at home, in physiotherapy or in a care home or school.


Exercise Balls
There’s a huge number of exercises you can do with an exercise ball. They’re great for helping develop your core strength – the middle part of your body. They’re simple, affordable and easy to inflate.

Resistance Bands
Ideal for toning the muscles, resistance bands come in various levels of resistance so you can start of with a lighter band and gradually move on to increase the resistance as you get stronger!

We have a range of dumbbells and strap-on arm and leg weights to help you increase your strength.

Pedal Exercisers
You can pedal away from the comfort of an armchair with a pedal exerciser! They’re ideal for increasing your heart rate and overall fitness.

Contact the NRS Product Advisory Team

Still not sure what exercise or rehab equipment can help you? Contact the NRS product advice team direct on 0845 591 2413 and we will help understand your needs and suggest products to help you.

We advise that you check with your doctor before undertaking a new exercise regime.

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