Posted on 27/07/2017

27 National Park activities if you're living with a disability

27 National Park activities if you're living with a disability

If you, or someone you know, are living with a disability and looking to take part in some easily accessible outdoor activities this summer, our accessibility guide to the UK’s National Parks could be just what you need!

With 15 National Parks spread across England, Scotland and Wales, the UK has a lot to offer in terms of natural and cultural areas of interest. Combined, the UK’s National Parks see over 73 million visitors every year and 40% of these agree that walking is the most popular activity.

For this reason, it’s vital for National Parks to offer accessible trails, ensuring that those who are living with a disability don’t miss out on some of the UK’s most inspiring landscapes.

Outdoor activities for those who are living with a disability

Travelling to new places when you are living with a physical disability or have a mental health issue can sometimes cause anxiety as you will not be fully aware of your surroundings or, indeed, the facilities available to you.

This can be a tough barrier to cross, particularly if you rely heavily on a certain piece of equipment, like a wheelchair, and are unsure of how it will work in a different environment. However, whether you’re living with a disability or not, experiencing the outdoors is an important part of looking after both your physical and mental health – particularly during those glorious summer days.

From hiring an accessible electric boat in the Lake District, to enjoying the Miles Without Stiles routes in the South Downs, our accessibility guide introduces you to an awesome 27 outdoor activities available throughout the UK’s 15 National Parks, for those with more complex needs.

And if you’re still apprehensive about making your way around the accessible routes, we’ve also included some products towards the end of our guide to help make travelling, picnicking and essential routines (such as medication management and “nature calls” moments) easier.

View our Accessibility Guide to the UK's National Parks

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