Posted on 03/08/2015

Finding the right daily living aids to meet your needs

Finding the right daily living aids to meet your needs

As we get older, or perhaps as a result of an illness or disability, we can often find ourselves struggling to manage everyday tasks, such as cooking, getting in and out of the bath or standing up from a chair.

You may find you’re concerned about falling or becoming more reliant on other family members, meaning you’ll likely want to make life easier at home. However, if you only have limited knowledge on what is available to prevent accidents, help you stay safe and live independently, this can be easier said than done.

Daily living aids (such as a seat to help you get up from the bottom of the bath or a stool to sit at whilst preparing the dinner) may well be part of the solution; but where can you find the right daily living aids to meet your needs?

Do you need to contact Social Services for advice?

Since the implementation of the Care Act 2014, everyone has the right to contact Social Services for an assessment of their individual needs.

This doesn’t mean Social Services will always be able to provide daily living aids to help you. Due to the volume of requests they receive, the team you speak to will need to determine whether your needs are eligible to receive help from Social Services, usually through a telephone assessment. From this conversation, Social Services should then inform you of your eligibility to receive help from them.

As you would expect, people deemed to be living with more severe disabilities or symptoms of illness often take priority. For this reason, many people who just need a little extra help with their daily routine, decide to skip the Social Services process and buy their daily living aids themselves.

Buying daily living aids online

This is often the perfect solution for those needing equipment to help make general day-to-day tasks a little easier.

Whether you need a bed rail to help you get up, a home helper trolley to keep your balance whilst moving around the house or a combi-reacher to avoid stretching and bending, our new website has been specifically designed to make it simpler to find the daily living aids you NEED and choose from a range of equipment which is reasonably priced.

Plus, shopping online can be much more discreet when it comes to buying more delicate products such as incontinence pads.

Try before you buy

Whether you’re under the care of an Occupational Therapist who is buying equipment on your behalf, or you’re considering a purchase for yourself online, it’s an excellent idea to try out the product before you buy. That’s why we have a solution to address both these options.

1. Our Enable Me™ Centre in Bournemouth
If you have an Occupational Therapist in the Bournemouth area, our team can arrange a time for you both to visit our Enable Me™ Centre, where you can view a range of robust living aids.

In our Enable Me™ Centre you will find:

  • A viewing and demonstration area for larger items and home adaptations including stair lifts, rise and recline chairs, adjustable & profiling beds, level access showers, disabled access kitchens, through the floor lifts and much more.
  • A friendly, knowledgeable, trusted assessor who can help you to better understand your needs and advise about available equipment which can help.
  • A range of equipment suitable for residential and non residential care settings.

2. Our Safe+Well™ demonstration service
Our expert Safe+Well™ team regularly travel around the areas of Cambridgeshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire to deliver free advice and demonstrations of the daily living aids available at NRS Healthcare.

These demonstrations are designed to help older and disabled people find the most suitable living aids to help make their daily routines easier,

These sessions are open to everyone and provide a safe environment to try out a range of daily living aids so you can find the one that’s right for you.

For more information on when and where you can find our Safe+Well™ team next, just visit the Safe+Well™ official website. Here, you also have the option to telephone a member of our team, or talk with them direct via Live Chat, email them regarding product advice and even arrange a home visit from one of our expert Occupational Therapists.

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