Posted on 26/10/2017

As the clocks go back an hour, we shine a light on fall prevention

As the clocks go back an hour, we shine a light on fall prevention

British Winter officially begins this weekend as the clocks go back and we lose an hour of light from our daily routines. But whilst most of us will simply think about having an extra hour in bed, those who are more vulnerable may be worried how the loss of light will affect their risk of falling.

If you’re older or living with a health condition that affects your sight or balance, you’ll likely be more prone to falls, especially at home where there are lots of potential obstacles to bump into or trip over.

As the clocks go back an hour this weekend, signifying the start of Winter, you may be concerned about how this seasonal loss of light during the day will impact your vision – potentially increasing your risk of falls. But by taking some simple steps, such as clearing pathways between rooms and lighting your home correctly, you can live more confidently and independently by preventing a trip, bump or fall.

Light up your home as the clocks go back

From Night Lights to Daylight Lamps there are a range of products that you can use in your home when the clocks go back to help prevent accidents, and some are even dual purpose.

The 2-in-1 Magnifying Table Lamp for example makes a perfect addition to your home if you enjoy reading or taking part in craft activities such as cross stitching. Not only does the daylight bulb save energy whilst lighting up a room, but it’s 1.75x magnification lens makes it ideal for completing intricate work. 2 great reasons for buying this smart-looking, modern table lamp.


If you tend to wander at night or get up to use the bathroom, a Night Light with Motion Sensor can help keep you safe and reduce the risk of falling over. With a 5m detection range, it can be used in any room to automatically light up when it detects movement. Fix a few around your house when the clocks go back for extra confidence in seeing where you’re going!


If you don’t have a side table or desk readily available, you may find a High Vision Floor Standing Lamp is the best option. The specially designed daylight bulb reduces eye-strain and headaches, especially if you live with a visual impairment. Plus, the flexible arm enables you to shine the light in different directions – ideal for when you’re relaxing in your favourite armchair.


Of course, we all know that sometimes falls are inevitable and cannot be stopped. If you find yourself falling, remember our advice on how to fall safely to help you avoid A&E this winter.

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