Posted on 22/06/2020

Exploring the world of indoor and outdoor grab bars

Exploring the world of indoor and outdoor grab bars

If someone needs extra support at home, they may consider the benefits that a grab bar (or grab rail) can offer.

Often used in the bathroom, next to stairs or near outdoor steps, grab bars are ideal for providing handheld support where someone needs it most. However, with so many designs and styles to choose from it can be overwhelming to decide which one to buy. That’s why we’ve put together some top tips to help more people understand which grab bar is best suited for their needs.

The importance of bathroom support rails

The bathroom is one of the most common places to fall at home, especially when surfaces are wet underfoot after bathing. For anyone living with reduced mobility or balance issues, there are multiple ways to improve safety in the bathroom, from simple non-slip mats to bathroom grab bars.

As well as standard grab bars that screw into the wall, other options, such as folding toilet rails or fixed bath rails, may be beneficial to improve stability throughout someone’s toileting or hygiene routine. A bath rail can be fitted to the side of a bathtub and fixed to the floor to improve balance when stepping into and out of the bath, helping to reduce the risk of falls.

There’s no need to sacrifice style

Many grab bars have a simple, stylish design that blend with different styles of home décor. Two popular designs are the white or chrome steel grab bars, which can be fitted in different areas of the home to offer support where needed.

Integrated grab rails can help to give support when required in the bathroom, but also double-up as bathroom accessories such as a toilet roll holder and towel rail. Integrated rails are ideal if someone is looking for a discreet design for support in the bathroom.

Don’t forget about the outdoor areas at home

Whilst many people get the support they need in and around the home, it can be easy to overlook the support that is required in outdoor spaces, such as the garden, backyard or even the steps into and out of the house. Having safe access to these areas can help more people feel confident and enjoy all aspects of their home.

Some grab bars are designed specifically for use outside, with a sturdy and weatherproof design to prevent any wear from outdoor conditions. Outdoor grab rails are ideal for use with garden or patio steps to help someone remain stable when moving from one level to another.

A few things to consider

All grab rails will feature different fixtures, and whilst some can be fitted by people at home, others may need to be fitted by a qualified tradesperson. It’s important to measure the area where the grab bar will be fitted and ensure the wall is solid and strong enough to sustain the grab bar whilst in use.

For more guidance on things to consider when buying a grab bar, visit our Grab Rails Buying Guide. To view the full range of grab bars available at NRS Healthcare, please visit our grab bars category.

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